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Practical self-help for high performers

Learn simple, short sequences to flush effects of chronic stress, increase energy and improve your attention span.

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The Challenge

As a high performer, you are a mental athelete. Your brain is your most active muscle.

How do you take care of this complex muscle, your greatest asset - your brain?!

Coffee, alcohol, TV and Internet may be useful for stimulation and winding down, but they are short term fixes - band-aids at best.

Mindfulness is popular, but few people do it correctly.

So, how do you nurture your brain in the long term?

The SciPhiWay Approach

Self-Awareness + Brain Training

In our interactive and immersive sessions, we introduce you to YOU.

We teach you simple and practical brain training techniques. Our methods combine neuroscience and behavioral biology with the eastern science of body and breath.

Learn the Owner's Manual for your mind, brain and behavior!

Explore the science of stress, sleep, emotions, willpower, habits and focus!

Learn to use your body and breath to nurture your brain!

Understand the science behind yoga, breathing and meditation!

SciPhiWay Programs

SciPhiWay Workshops

We offer a couple of workshops that are highly interactive and immersive - Stress Hack and Concentration Hack. They typically last 2 to 3 hours. We can customize it to your needs.

Stress Hack

In this workshop, we explore the chronic micro-stressors and their effects on a high performer. We use live exercises to teach effective ways to neutralize them every day.

Stressed Brain

Attendee Takeaways

20-30 minute sequence that flushes the effects of chronic stress!

Deep understanding of the mechanism of stress, sleep and emotions

Appreciate effects of chronic stress on your brain

Learn practical calming techniques

I'm interested

We were all impressed by his depth of understanding in both the way the body functions as well as the spiritualism behind it. His proposed exercises are going to be very beneficial to our employees in managing their stress in a fast-paced startup environment.

Mohit Aron, Founder and CEO of Cohesity, Co-founder of Nutanix

Concentration Hack

In this workshop, we explore the mechanism of focus and the effects of chronic multi-tasking on the attention of a high performer. We use live exercises to demonstrate ways to pull to the present and increase your attention span.

Brain Focus

Attendee Takeaways

20-30 minute sequence that brings you to the present, with built-in feedback for mind wandering!

Deep understanding of the mechanism of willpower, habits and focus

Practical ways to tame distractions & overcome procrastination

Learn techniques to energize your brain and train your attention span

I'm interested

The way you positioned the brain as a computer with a limited level of actively controllable nodes was clever! I am typically a high energy person - and with that comes a fair amount of internal stress and anxiety. It can be very challenging to calm myself at times so I found your focus hacks to be non-intimidating, very easy to implement methods for centering myself.

Julie Ta, Analyst for CTO Office, Roche, Pleasanton CA, USA

SciPhiWay Classes

We offer onsite classes that act as a gym for your brain. The classes are available at three levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. They typically range from 30 to 45 minutes, and can be customized for your needs.

Brain Training

Attendee Benefits

Convenient: At your workplace

Habit enabling: Regular classes for brain training

Flush effects of chronic stress and increase calmness

Improve energy levels

Increase your attention span

I'm interested
Brain Training

Raghav Srinivasan Founder

Increase Awareness. Improve Lives.

Passionate, lifelong learner with computer science degrees from IIT-Madras, India and University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA.

Favorite topics include Who Am I and Influencing Others.

Previously worked in various software engineering roles in San Francisco Bay Area and derivative trading in New York Stock Exchange.

Now fulfilled in teaching, training and public speaking.

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